Phase 1: Genesis Launch

Genesis Mint Info

  • 5555 Etherjump Plots will be available to mint.

  • The mint price will be 0.05ETH.

  • Users will be able to access the Etherjump Level Builder after minting their NFT.

  • By default, your Etherjump Plot will be a tutorial level explaining the basic movement and items of the game.

  • The Level Builder will allow users to design their own custom platformer levels

  • Once you are done designing your level, you can save it to your NFT

  • Once you upload your level, your game is now live, for players to play on OpenSea or our client.

Etherjump Plot Traits

Every plot will have 2 traits:

  • Player Character

    • Purely cosmetic, every character will have the same abilities/mechanics

  • Plot size

    • Small plot:

      • Grid Size: 100x100

      • Scene Count: 5 scenes

      • Biome Limit: 1 biome

    • Medium plot:

      • Grid Size: 300x300

      • Scene Count: 10 scenes

      • Biome Limit: 3 biomes

    • Large Plot:

      • Grid Size: 500x500

      • Scene Count: 20 scenes

      • Biome Limit: 5 biomes

Going Forward - New Items

The long-term enjoyability of Etherjump relies on consistent updates and new items being added regularly. Throughout the roadmap, we will continue to steadily roll out new items for builders to include in their levels, accessible through the Level Builder interface. This is to ensure that newly created levels will always be fun, and prevent the game from becoming repetitive over time.

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