$JUMP Token

This is a tentative plan, all information is subject to change in the future.

Earning $JUMP

Etherjump Avatars

  • Earn $JUMP when you play Etherjump Plots with your Avatar
    • Each avatar will have a max number of $JUMP that can be earned per day

Etherjump Levels

  • Earn $JUMP when Etherjump Avatars play your level
    • Levels with higher traits (larger size, more scenes, etc) earn $JUMP at a higher rate
    • Each level will be able to earn a max number of $JUMP per day

Spending $JUMP

While it is easy to come up with several ways to earn a token, we believe that a well-designed tokenomics model must employ a number of value sinks, that are desirable for the players; this creates intrinsic value for $JUMP, and promotes circulation, as well as healthy and sustainable price action.

Value Sinks

  • Use $JUMP to unlock exclusive items in a Level Builder Shop, which builders can add into their Etherjump Levels
  • Use $JUMP to upgrade your Etherjump Avatar
    • Details in the future
  • Use $JUMP to upgrade your Etherjump Plot
    • $JUMP can be used to upgrade individual traits of a level
    • Player can upgrade scene count, grid size, and enemy count of their Etherjump Level
      • Upgrading one of these traits will increase $JUMP yield rate for that Level accordingly
    • Player can choose to reroll one of their Etherjump Level aesthetics